Everything you need to know about our R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain - Aquabocci AU

Everything you need to know about our R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain

It’s 2022, and sliding and bi-fold doors have never been more popular. Bringing the outdoors to you, these contemporary elements are ideal for open-plan living, flooding spaces with freshness and light. 

The one issue with these doors is that underlying tracks leak. Left long enough, built-up water trickles down into the substrate below, potentially causing serious damage. The good news is that a stylish, preventative solution does exist - the award-winning R-47 x Blade Threshold.

Discover it’s unique advantages and you’ll quickly understand why this innovative solution has become a go-to for architects and homeowners across the globe.

What is a flush threshold drain?

In short, threshold drains collect the water from the door track to allow the exterior floor finish to be flush with the interior floor finish. 

While traditional doorways simply repel water, the R-47 acts as both barriers and conduits, allowing heavy rainfall and splashes to be quickly removed, rather than leaking under your door and into your property.  The R-47 is installed under sliding and bi-fold doors to level the transition between interiors and exteriors. Enhancing the look and feel of your living space, each installation results in a clean, smooth finish. 

What benefits does  the R-47 Threshold have to offer? 

Designed in response to the requirements of architects and building professionals, the R-47 Threshold offers five unique advantages that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Keep them in mind when taking on your next project and enjoy the results.

Easily achieve a perfectly flush finish 

As we mentioned, installing flush threshold drains is the best way to stop leaks from flowing into interiors. The R-47 is designed to be subtle and seamless, creating a barely-there look and feel that allows spaces to shine. 

Effectively stop the flow of water

The R-47’s PVC channel and EPDM membrane work together to ensure that fluids are removed as efficiently as possible.

As water flows through the drainage channel, the EPDM (which sits directly below a sliding door system) acts as a barrier between the grate and door track, collecting runoff from drainage holes. 

We call this process the “Drainage Technique” - and it’s part of what makes the R-47 so special. 

Enjoy creating custom looks using modular systems

Like all Aquabocci products, the R-47 is designed to allow for maximum creativity.

Coming in four different colours (GT silver, titanium, black, and champagne), the modular system is composed of set lengths and corner components, enabling straight sections and corner pieces to be joined in custom configurations. 

Feel free to request samples of different components before you decide on a final design.

r-47 x blade

AQUABOCCI  R-47 x Blade Threshold drain in Champagne colour

Invest in a stylish, rust-proof solution

On top of its design flexibility, the R-47 is corrosion-resistant. Made of the same marine-grade anodised aluminium as our swimming pool drains, this model doesn’t rust, corrode, or stain around saltwater and chlorine. 

Enhance the look of a space through award-winning design

Thanks to its innovative design and minimalistic appearance, the R-47 Threshold Drain earned us a spot as the winner of the Red Dot Design Award in Germany. 

Blending in with architectural accents, the sleek grate can be made to appear invisible, or unveil an unexpected pop of colour as you transition between spaces. 

Pick the colour according to your preferred effect.

The beauty of marine-grade aluminium is that it never rusts or tea stains. For this reason, you can expect the R-47 Threshold to last for at least 10-years.

Easy installation awaits

Regardless of where you’ve chosen to install the system, the process is simple and straightforward.

Each Aquabocci package arrives with a PVC spigot pipe which can be glued to the underside of the PVC channel in the exact location of your groundwork pipes. This takes the guesswork out of placement and positioning, allowing for an easy and accurate installation.

For full instructions and details about installation for this particular model, check on our product page or request a specifications sheet online. 

Prepare to transform properties

When you order from Aquabocci, you invest in a premium architectural product. Cutting-edge designs and innovative fabrication techniques result in the production of high-quality models, perfectly suited to the Down Under lifestyle. Packaged and shipped out in colourful cardboard boxes, orders arrive at your designated address within a few short days.

Take the first step by choosing your preferred version of the R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain and protect your property in style. 

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