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There’s More to Aquabocci Slot Drains Than You Think

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When most people think about drainage, they probably envision large systems that are far from pretty to look at. After all, getting rid of rain or wastewater is rarely the most exciting of tasks. But if your drains are exposed, a slot drain could be the ideal solution to their drab appearance, combining the simple function of a drain with a great design that catches the eye. Learn more about what slot drains are, some of the benefits of slot drains and ideal uses for slot drains in this article.

What Are Slot Drains ?

Before going all in on this design feature, it can help to know exactly what slot drains are. A slot drain is a form of drainage that appears like a thin slot or a grille in the floor, directing water into a wider drainage channel below. These blend into the floor and have a minimal impact on the look and feel of a balcony, pool or outdoor paved area, allowing you to make some fun design choices that don’t need to accommodate a large drainage solution.

The Benefits Of Slot Drains

There are a few clear benefits of using a slot drain over other options. Some of these benefits include:

1. Discretion

Everyone knows that properties require certain functions and utilities to operate efficiently. However, nobody wants to look at drains and pipes and immediately think about how their wastewater is being driven away from the property. Slot drains are extremely slim and fit into corners or flooring, going entirely unnoticed. This is ideal for locations like balconies and pool areas, where visitors just want to think about the fun they’re going to have without considering the infrastructure.

2. Working With Limited space

Products like the Blade-T External Slot Drain take up an extremely limited amount of space on the top surface, before leading into a wider channel under the floor for increased water flow. This means that they take up very little space, freeing up more room for your balcony or pool design without having to work around a large and lumbering drainage solution that gets in the way of your desired look.

3. Ease Of Use

Ease of use is one of the main benefits of a slot drain. Simply install the drain and place a floor of your choosing over the top. Another great feature is the Aquabocci lifting key which allows you to keep your drain clear so you can have any flooring you like. Installation is quick and easy too when you’re building a property and you don’t need to worry about any other balcony or pool drainage solution at the same time.

Ideal Uses For A Slot Drain

There are some simple uses for a slot drain that homeowners, developers, and landlords may find useful. These include:

  • Courtyards: Outdoor paved spaces need reliable drainage, or they risk flooding whenever it rains. You can create beautiful courtyards without compromising on your drainage systems.
  • Balconies: Balcony drains help to direct water away from the floor of the balcony, enabling safe access and preventing water ingress.
  • Wet rooms: Bathrooms or wetrooms with walk-in showers look much sleeker with a Blade Shower Slot Drain installed along the wall.
  • Commercial kitchens: Away from residential use, commercial kitchens often utilise slot drains for rapid drainage in case of spillages.

Choosing The Right Slot Drain

When you’re looking to install a slot drain, finding the right drain for your property is a must. The first thing to consider is the size of the drain, as the right drain size ensures it works effectively and protects the flooring around it.

However, one of the most important parts of choosing a slot drain is getting the right manufacturer. Aquabocci supply high-quality slot drains that are suitable for many purposes. Installing a high quality drain will last for years, in addition to one that you can trust to do the job well, reduces stress and guarantees reliable drainage for years to come. Please contact us to find out more about Aquabocci Product Range.

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