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Why Our Threshold Drain Will Transform Your Home



When someone is looking to upgrade the functionality of their home, every detail counts. When crafting a home that covers every single base, we can overlook a number of crucial elements, and one of these is a threshold drain. Let’s show you

What is a Threshold Drain? 

A threshold drain is a specialised drainage system. It works to manage water flow at entrance points around the home or areas where water control is vital. You would see a threshold drain installed at doors, patios, balconies, or anywhere where water can infiltrate the property. Its primary goal is to prevent water from entering your home, while also maintaining your home's aesthetic appeal.

What Can a Threshold Drain Do for Your Home? 

A threshold drain offers so many different benefits:

Water Diversion

A threshold drain diverts water from the door track away from the inside of the property, ensuring that any rainwater or water from outdoor activities does not infiltrate your living space. At Aquabocci, we provide versatile drainage systems and a threshold drain should be both a stylish and preventative solution. Our R-47 Threshold Drain's PVC channel and EPDM membrane ensure that water is removed as quickly as possible. As the water flows through the drainage system, the EPDM is a barrier between the grate and the door, which collects any runoff from the drainage holes, which we refer to as the “drainage technique,” and is an essential part of what makes this product so special.


A threshold drain can enhance safety around the home. Water is a slippery customer, and our threshold drains can prevent any potentially hazardous conditions caused by pooling water on walkways and entrances. As the water drains away, you can guarantee minimal impact on your property. What's more, the threshold drain is heel guard safe, which ensures that nobody gets tripped up by the drain. With a non-slip finish available on all Aquabocci products, including an optional Aquabocci WunderGrip, you can guarantee safety in every corner of your home where there’s a drainage solution.


Threshold drains are designed to not stand out. Visual appeal is always a priority in anybody's property. This is why we have designed custom looks with modular systems to ensure you can have the protection your property needs without detracting from the aesthetics. The R-47 has four different colours (GT silver, titanium, black, and champagne), ensuring you can install the threshold drain effortlessly without compromising the look of the property. Every threshold drain is made from marine-grade aluminium, which is guaranteed to not tea stain, corrode, or rust around chlorinated water or salt water, so you can reap the benefits of a poolside setting close to the home without it damaging aesthetics.


Ultimately, the R-47 is designed for maximum versatility. In addition to its colour palette, you can customise the threshold drain any way you want. Its functionality means you can cut it to any length, and with additional components, including connectors and caps and external corners, means that there is functionality literally at every corner.


What Are the Best Uses for Threshold Drains? 

Threshold drains are at their optimum in areas where water control and water safety are essential. You can find threshold drains in a number of different areas, including the following:

Commercial Spaces

Threshold drains are not just limited to residential properties; they are very effective in hotels, retail establishments, and restaurants where there can be major water runoff, especially after adverse weather conditions that can compromise aesthetics and safety.

Balconies and Terraces

The most common use for a threshold drain is between living area and outdoor area to create a level finish from interior to exterior. Water can accumulate in elevated areas and potentially have nowhere to go. Threshold drains are incredibly effective against any form of water accumulation, ensuring that your outdoor spaces are safe from slippage and are also dry.


At the entrance of any property, such as on a large front entry, a threshold drain will keep a flush finish and effectively manage any rainwater runoff, prevent water from seeping inside, and maintain the aesthetics of your property in every way.


Why Are Threshold Drains an Excellent Option for All Types of Homes? 

They Are a Universal Need

Every type of home can face the challenge of managing water flow. Threshold drains offer a universal solution to this problem.

Preventative Measures

If you are looking to protect your home from any potential water damage that can be costly to repair, a threshold drain is an extra layer of effortless protection for your property.

Versatile Design

Aquabocci Threshold drains are available in 4 standard colours that allow you to match your door colour or tile finish, blending with the look and feel of the property seamlessly.

Easy to Install

All Aquabocci products include straight lengths and corner pcs which are easily assembled with the connectors, end cap.The process is simple, as the PVC spigot pipe glues directly to the underneath of the PVC channel to connect to the groundwork pipes. What's more, our installation video page is easy to follow, ensuring you can set up a threshold drain quickly and effectively.

Property Value 

A flush finish is a popular design feature that many home owners desire, creating a flush finish and ensuring that your home has a well-maintained and functional drainage system can enhance the value of your home.


What Makes a Great Threshold Drain?

To ensure that you choose the right threshold drain for your property, look for the following features: 

  • Customisation. 

  • Safety features. 

  • Easy maintenance. 

  • Aesthetic appeal. 

  • Durability. 

  • Effective drainage.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a stylish solution that's flexible and functional while also enhancing the look of a space, this is where the R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain can be exactly what you need. Sleek and stylish while also an award-winning threshold drain, earning the coveted Red Dot Design Award in Germany, you can reap the benefits of this excellent threshold drain.

Get Ready to Transform Your Home

When you order from Aquabocci, you are not just purchasing a threshold drain, but you are investing in a top-of-the-range product that's innovative and will enhance so much about your home. Easy to order, and arrives in a few short days, find your ideal Aquabocci Threshold Drain and protect your property today.

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