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Functional and Fabulous: Why a Slot Drain is What Your Home Needs


Is drainage that important to you? It's not very likely that many people would say yes, but drainage is essential for many indoor and outdoor aspects of the home. Drainage is not just about ensuring it directs water away from the property, but about ensuring that you don’t compromise the overall aesthetics while protecting your home from surface water or any excess water problems. This is where, in the realm of home drainage solutions, our range of slot drains is invaluable. Efficient and versatile, they have a number of applications around the home. So let's show you exactly what they are and how you can make the most of them in your home.

What is a Slot Drain ?

Slot drains, sometimes known as trench drains, are linear drainage systems. The goal of each slot drain is to efficiently collect and redirect surface water away from the area and consists of a narrow elongated trough with a slot or grate on top. The benefit of having a drain instead of a standard drainage system is all down to its linearity. A slot drain seamlessly fits into any part of a property, allowing for effective drainage, and because the drain is long and narrow, this guarantees greater surface area coverage.

What Can Slot Drains Do Around the Home ?

Slot drains are perfect for any part of the home that needs quick and effective drainage. Drains can pitch the floor in one direction so they can catch a wider surface area of water in a small footprint. A product like Aquabocci’s Blade-A Shower Slot Drain is an excellent example because if you are looking to drain water from your wet room or bathroom, as you can install the drain along the entire length of the shower war, there is very little chance of water escaping the shower and causing damage to your home. 

By eliminating any standing water on the walkways or in bathrooms, patios, and driveways, slot drains will enhance your safety. These type of drains can disperse water with a flow rate of between 38 litres and 44 litres per minute (depending on the number of spigot outlets and the size of the outlet eg: 50mm, 75mm or 100mm ), this provides much more peace of mind. Other drainage solutions, such as the R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain, allow you to have a flush finish from your living area to your outdoor area with minimal grate design, sitting between the door track and the tiles. The product has an open entry point on the side that drains water from the door track into the groundwork pipes.

Slot drains also have versatile applications. You can install them in numerous areas such as pool decks, balconies, patios, walkways, and driveways. During installation, you need to consider the floor space. This is where having the right drainage solution that allows the grate to sit level with the floor maximises the total floor space, but also ensures that you can choose a customizable solution to match the thickness of the balcony grate with the floor itself. For example, the Blade-T External allows the balcony to match the thickness of the floor tiles because of its height-adjustable spaces. 

A slot drain should be functional, but it should blend with the aesthetics as well, which is why our range of products is designed for functionality and fashion. With each design being available in titanium, GT silver, black, and champagne, you can achieve your vision regardless of your home's style.


What Are the Best Uses for Slot Drains ?

Slot drains are always useful in areas where you need to allow efficient water control but you need to preserve your home's aesthetics:

  • Outdoor areas and Gardens. Perfect for outdoor installations to guarantee a clean and dry surface while not compromising the look of a sleek walkway or garden path.

  • Driveways. Create a slim profile for cars to drive over and prevent water from pooling on the driveways which, over time, can cause damage.

  • Patios. Can be combined with R-47 x Blade Threshold drain to create a minimal theme on your project.

  • Pool decks. Popular way to manage water runoff from pool areas, increasing safety in a typically slippery area.


Why Should You Use Slot Drains ?

There are so many benefits of using a slot drain over other approaches.

Create a Slot Drain Theme on Your Project

By using a variety of different slot drains you can create a slot drain them throughout your project. For a really custom finish you can also choose different colour grates in different if your sliding doors are dark grey we would receommend using Aquabocci’s R-47 X Blade Threshold Drain in titanium colour and if your bathroom floor was light coloured limestone, a Blade Shower Kit in Champagne colour would be perfect. Drains are designed to be slim and fit into corners or flooring, making them ideal for a variety of locations such as bathrooms, balconies, and pool areas. You don't want to think about if the water is flooding into your property or anywhere else, so having a drain that's discrete will always give you peace of mind. 

Easy to Use

The great thing about a slot drain is that they are so easy to install. The range of slot drains on offer comes with a number of amazing features. For example, our Blade-T External comes with the Aquabocci lifting key, so you can keep the drain clear. Installation is also quick and easy thanks to our installation video page , and be sure to check our product pages for specific installation instructions or request a specifications sheet online.

Excellent in Smaller Spaces

Installing a drainage solution shouldn't involve digging up a lot of the floor surface. Products like our Blade-T External Slot Drain take up a very small amount of space on the top surface, increasing water flow. This means there is a lot more space for your grand designs, whether it's your pool or balcony. The best draining solutions should always work around your aesthetics, rather than the other way around.


Are You Ready to Learn More About Slot Drains?

If you want to delve deeper into why a slot drain is an invaluable solution for your home, you can get in contact with us to find out more information or you can look at our full product catalogue. If you think a slot drain is a one-size-fits-all solution, in fact, it is a versatile and efficient drainage solution for every hope that offers effective water management, safety, aesthetic appeal, and in a variety of applications around the home. The right slot drain is waiting for you.

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