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How To Create A Safe Swimming Space Using Pool Drains

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Aquabocci drains offer endless design opportunities. Today we talk about how to use the modular designs to enhance safety and style in your backyard.

Safety is always a key consideration when spending time by the water. While much of it depends on swimmers themselves, ensuring that safe systems are installed makes a big difference.

Enjoying a great swimming experience requires having two drain types (main and linear) in place. Our focus is on the latter, which offers plenty of options for creating beautiful designs around Australia’s blue oases.

Find out how to make the best use of our unique designer pool drain systems and prepare your backyard for fuss-free fun under the sun.

What types of swimming pool drains are there ?

There are two types or grates found in and around swim areas.

These are:

  • Main drains
  • Linear grates

Every pool has a main drain, which is installed in the floor to filter water. Linear grates, on the other hand, line the perimeter and are designed to take away excess water from splashes.

Much more design freedom is granted with the latter style, which adds to the look and feel of swim areas, while serving an important purpose.

Elevate safety through design

When designing for projects that involve water, several elements need to be taken into consideration. Materials, positioning, and a view for long-term use are key for success. It’s worth taking the time to think about each element before you begin.

Strategic placement is everything

There are two common positions in which pool drain is installed:

  • Behind the coping tile, or
  • Between the tiled area and a wall

The placement of your grates depends on a variety of technical and aesthetic factors, which should be discussed with your contractor.

It's important to think about how the area will be used. If people are likely to be jumping in from all sides, you may want to ring the perimeter with grating (a fantastic look). If there are stairs leading in and out of the water, you might wish to add extra grilles to reinforce that particular zone.

Three of the most popular configurations include a double ring, L-shaped corners and lengths framing all four sides. The modularity of our systems allows for the easy installation of all three configurations, bringing original looks to life. Our A30, Blade-T External, and S66 Low Profile pool drainage grates are available in three width options and four contemporary shades, plus have plenty of functional benefits that boost the bathing experience.

Why anodised aluminium is the best choice for wet areas

Swimming water is loaded with chlorine, salt, or a mixture of both. Over time, these chemicals erode steel, creating unsightly tea stains and rusting.

Aside from leading to long-term structural issues, the rusty metal can also be a potential health hazard - and costly to replace. Opting for marine-grade anodised aluminium easily eliminates the issue, securing the area for years to come.

Flush-fitting systems enhance safety

Gaps between the pool drain and the tiles are a common phenomenon. Both uncomfortable and inefficient at providing protection, these spaces often lead to toe-stubbing and minor injuries. If fluid seeps into the substrate beneath them, structural elements can be damaged, requiring expensive renovations.

Going with flush-fitting models like the Aquabocci A30 leads to a levelled effect that sits flush with paved surfaces, while taking in large volumes of water. Underfoot, the only difference between grate and tiling is texture - everything else is level.

All Aquabocci drains are designed to be flush-fitting, allowing you to choose any style that suits your space. View the full collection and pick out a product that enhances both safety and waterside style.

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