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How to enhance balcony design using architectural drainage grates

AQUABOCCI  BLADE-T  balcony drain drain in GT Silver colour

There’s nothing better than stepping onto a terrace as the last traces of a summer sunset paint the sky. Or watching a storm unfold from the safety of your alfresco area, with a warm cup of tea or coffee in hand.

The indoor/outdoor atmosphere brings the best of architecture and the elements together. The trick is to weatherproof it in a way that elevates the building’s features. 

Success hinges on having well-designed balcony drains embedded within the architecture in a way that’s almost unnoticeable. 0mce installed, you have the peace of mind that your property will stay dry and protected.

As creators of the slimmest, sleekest architectural models on the market, we have a few tips to share on striking the right balance between functionality and style. Stay tuned to find out how Aquabocci balcony drains help you attain it.

Maximise terrace space with flush-fitting balcony drainage systems

More often than not, drains are placed in the corner of the terrace, requiring tiles to slope towards them. The trouble is, this directs all the water into a very small drainage outlet.

The way to combat this is to work with linear balcony drainage systems that sit level with the floor. The leveled surface allows water to be drained away easily, while making every metre count. Once done, tables and chairs can safely be placed anywhere you like, providing plenty of room to style the space to your tastes.

Models like the Blade-T External come with height-adjustable spacers that match the thickness of the tile. With a few simple adjustments, this grate can be seamlessly embedded into flooring, disappearing from view. The result is a safe space that can be used all year round.

Create a clean look from top to bottom

Unlike pools, patios and wet rooms, pipe work on balconies is often exposed. This can detract from the look and feel of a building; both from far away and from the terrace itself.

Achieving a clean, tucked-away look takes a combination of careful planning and the right drainage system. The best products feature a shallow drop, allowing contractors to install grates flush with the balcony floor, while embedding the pipework in a way that is minimally intrusive - if not invisible. The S66 Low Profile and A30 Low Profile are designed for exactly this purpose; keeping everything neat from top to bottom.

Opt for weatherproof style

Selecting drainage for the outdoors requires careful consideration about the longevity of the model. Standard products are commonly made from plastic or stainless steel, both of which need replacing after a few years - especially if they’re installed near the sea-side. Rust and tea stains appear on stainless steel models, especially with sun exposure, impacting the look of rht whole area.

In the process of creating our collection, we chose to use marine-grade anodised aluminium for our balcony drains, entirely eliminating rusting and tea stains. This decision has enabled models in our collection to retain their stylish look, while also highlighting the architecture surrounding them.

View the full range of colours online to get a sense of the design possibilities.


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