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Blade Slot Drains

Blade Slot Drains

Bundle up our Blade slot drain series to create a Slot Drain theme through out your project.

Choose from 4 profile designs, 4 colours and more.

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Blade Slot Drains

Bundle up our Blade slot drain series to create a Slot Drain theme through out your project.

Choose from 4 profile designs, 4 colours and more.

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Bring Your Project Together With a Unique Slot Drainage System

Aquabocci was created around a simple concept: providing customised, high-quality solutions that are fabricated for function. Unlike off-the-shelf products, our range gives you the freedom to design interiors to your needs and aesthetic tastes. For that very reason, our products are highly sought after by architects, plumbers, and interior specialists who want to bring something fresh, unique, and modern to wet areas.

Boasting a sleek blade look that subtly allows fluids to flow through two openings, our models allow for a cohesive, contemporary look to be achieved. Along with a versatile colour palette that compliments almost any tile scheme, our blade models fit flush into the floor and carry water away discretely. The gap-free finish afforded by the innovative line protects buildings from developing damage - and unlike stainless steel, no tea stains will occur at any point in time. What more could you wish for? 

What Makes An Aquabocci Slot Drainage Channel Stand Out?  

Function has always been a focus when creating grate styles. Our products add an extra dimension to standard options by offering longer-lasting, versatile solutions that cater to the aesthetics and existing structure of a space.

Unlike standard stainless steel models, our styles:

  • Are fast assembly fitting systems
  • Are made of marine grade anodised aluminium, not steel
  • Come in four different colours
  • Don’t tea stain or rust
  • Come in 9 different low profile designs options

The creative potential to craft a channel that not only removes water, but also adds visual impact to your project is here. From seamless wrap-around assemblies for wet rooms to one simple, sleek, line in the ground, the opportunity to craft around a space, rather than a grate, is available now.

Enjoy Versatile Applications, Anywhere

A minimalist look never goes out of style. Made from aluminium with flush-fitting parts, the Aquabocci range is engineered to withstand wear and trends, far into the future.

Crafted for the Australian elements, there’s no end to the applications of these designs. While shower floors and pools are the most sought-after areas for fittings, use cases can extend as far as walls, roofs, and areas around windows, where condensation can build up. Particularly useful in humid, damp environments, these blade innovations could even prove to be a valuable water collection system. Try is out for yourself.

Like the well-designed R-47 Threshold Drain and Blade Shower grate we carry, a seamless finish and high-end result will always emerge from your installation. Simply carve out a channel, follow the steps for installation, and you’re ready to remove water effortlessly. Little maintenance is required; just a quick removal of the grates to clean out the channel from time to time.

Find out just how easy it is to build this range into homes, commercial buildings, and architectural spaces today. A thousand different ways of keeping properties dry await you.

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We offer a 10-year warranty on all Aquabocci Products.

If you have bought any of our products and they have not performed as they should, Aquabocci will repair or replace them. In order to be eligible for the warranty, please register your purchase below.


The PVC or Aluminium splitting - Aluminium rusting or tea staining - Extreme colour fading of the Aluminium grates.


The PVC or Aluminium being physically damaged - Water leaking as a result of faulty or incorrect installation - Water leaking as a result of glue or adhesive failure - Water leaking as a result of insufficient amount of spigot outlets - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci connectors or end caps - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci spigot outlets or after market spigot outlets - Aluminium rusting or tea staining as a result of being in contact or exposed to other rusty metal finishes - Scratching of the Aluminium surface - Aluminium colour fading from use of chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Water leaking as a result of the R-47 Threshold Drain or R-47 x Blade Threshold Drains not being correctly attached to any type of door system including: sliding doors, bi-fold doors, pivot doors, track doors, patio doors, etc


Clean Aquabocci products using detergent and water - For easy maintenance use the Aquabocci lifting tool to remove the Aluminium grates - Regularly clean out the PVC channels if they have a build up of dirt and leaves - Check that the spigot outlets are free from dirt and leaves and not blocked.


Ensure the Aluminium does not come into contact with chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Install Aluminium grates after tiles have been installed - Install Aluminium grates after tiles have been cleaned and sealed

If you would like to claim using the Aquabocci Warranty please contact AQUABOCCI AUSTRALIA Phone: 0410 505 222

*Clear images of the product

*Clear images of the fault

*A description of the fault

*Your invoice number or order number provided in the registration form