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Gavin Maddock Testimonial

Designing with Aquabocci Drainage Grates: How Gavin Maddock Does It

Designer Gavin Maddock is focused on detail. Travelling between his native South Africa and sunny Queensland, he’s responsible for crafting contemporary  buildings and interiors f in both countries, detailing everything from grates to structures. 

It was while collaborating with a construction company in Cape Town that this creative discovered our drainage systems and immediately understood their value.

“I came across Aquabocci while on one of my trips to South Africa. I remember seeing it in a project of one of the companies that I used to work for back in Cape Town. Their project was used as an advertisement for Aqabocci. That’s really where my journey with Aquabocci started.”

Having been in the industry since 1995, Gavin has seen quite a few drainage systems throughout his career. He hasn’t failed to notice certain advantages that our unique system has over others, both in terms of aesthetics and function. 

 “For the most part, it’s a very slim product that doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it has a lot of structural  advantages. It doesn’t impede on the structure as much as other models do, which is very positive. And of course, just the variation of products that they have. Particularly the Blade and the external Blade, which have a very small footprint to the eye.”

Visual harmony is always the aim. For Gavin, the goal is to make the space stand out, rather than highlight the drainage itself. He does this by carefully selecting a shade that suits the setting, achieving a pleasing flow.

“I stay away from black - black for me is a bit of a fad colour. I generally work with a colour that’s going to suit the project as a whole. With regards to aluminium frames for windows and other fixtures, I'll try and work with these colours as best I can. In terms of the shower, it’ll be a colour best suited to the floor, I kind of want them to disappear.”

 Aquabocci’s Champagne drainage grate used by Gavin Maddock in beachside architectural design.

Leveraging the benefits of innovative drainage channel and grate solutions 

The structural benefits of fixtures are just as important as aesthetics. With the low profile of Aquabocci models, Gavin and his team are able to achieve a seamless effect between thresholds, which improves the feel of public spaces and homes.

“I’ve used the R-47 at the doors. The objective here is to get a zero grade difference between inside and outside, to keep the floor flush. I find that this particular product offers a very slim line solution. It appears that the integration into the subsill has been well addressed.” The thought and care put into creating customised solutions doesn’t go unnoticed. When architects and designers like Mr Maddock are specifying for construction, they can easily account for tolerances and structural necessities, helping the whole process run smoothly.

Sleek lines aided by our linear grates create seamless look in Gavin maddock’s work.

What to keep in mind when specifying with Aquabocci 

“I guess the only thing to be aware of is that you need to get additional piping to these channels. It’s just something to be aware of. At the same time, from a retrofit point of view, if you’ve got an outlet in a location that works for you, then  these products can be easily accommodated. I've used the S66 on the terraces, the blade i’ve used in showers and the R-47  at thresholds.” 

The range of settings in which our models have been used is wide and varied. As you’ll see on Mr Maddock’s website, everything from balconies and bathrooms have had systems installed, stylishly protecting the structure against water damage.

As the driving force behind the work, Gain’s ideas need to be executable and easily understood. For consistency and convenience, this architect has put a system in place where his drawings specify exactly where our channel and threshold drainage models go. 

“We’ve got it documented into our drawings, so from a constructability point of view, that’s something that we address early on. It allows us a fair amount of flexibility, knowing that it’s a product that’s easy to work with. It is something that requires planning into the project - however, from the coordination between our services documentation to the builder,” he explains.

The overall experience is a pleasant one - and not just in terms of the design aspect. Our team deso their best to ensure Mr Maddock and his colleagues have all that they need, and make every interaction pleasant and efficient - which often earns us praise.

“It’s been very pleasant working with Aquabocci. Sara is great to deal with, she tries to get us all the information we need, and there are no problems accessing the technical specifications.” 

Don’t take his word for it. Reach out and discover the benefits for yourself instead. After all, innovation is best understood through experience.

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