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All you need to know about the R-47 Threshold Drain

What is the R-47 Threshold Drain?

Drainage regulation in Australia requires that all flush finish door tracks are connected to a drainage point to carry water away from the track and into ‘an actual drain’, not just somewhere down below.

However, it is a common problem for sliding door tracks to leak water inside building structures which can cause serious damage.

Aquabocci has developed an innovative range of flush threshold drains to solve this problem. In this article, we will focus on the R-47 Threshold Drain, a fully integrable drainage system featuring an adjustable EPDM membrane that sits below the door track. This product provides complete drainage in the most minimal way possible and a flush finish from the interior to the exterior.

The R-47 Threshold Drain has a double entry drainage point, which allows that water is not only drained from the tiled surface but most importantly from the holes in the base of the door track.

The R-47 drain is an off the shelf channel drainage system, based on our existing lineal design, and made up of straight sections, corner sections and fitting components that provide a sleek solution in the most minimal way possible.


R-47 Threshold Drain Features

This Flush Threshold Drain is made up of 4 main features.

1 Aluminium Blade grate

2 PVC channel

3 EPDM membrane “Drainage Technique”

4 Sections and component system


R-47 Threshold Drainage System

The open side entry point on the R-47 Threshold Drain allows the water to be carried from the door track into the drainage channel, whilst also draining water from the surrounding surface areas. The double entry point has been carefully built with precision and functionality in mind to allow for a flush finish to flow from the interior to the exterior. 

The external tiles should be sloped away from the property to an additional drain that is designed to drain the patio or balcony area. 


The R-47 “Drainage Technique”

Our Flush Threshold Drains include an EPDM membrane which serves as a water barrier between the drain and the door track. This membrane sits directly below the sliding door system and collects the water from the drainage holes in the door track. This process is called the “DRAINAGE TECHNIQUE”. The EPDM membrane allows the system to fit any thickness between 25mm to 68mm.


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